Zealous Quarterback

3.2% of people innovate like this
As a Zealous Quarterback, you possess a protective nature that pushes you to take care of your teammates and protect that which has made you successful. Your insatiable nature is often demonstrated as a desire to continue to improve and ensure your team wins. Be cautious of being too protective at times. Others may perceive this as controlling or not taking enough risk to improve to even greater successes.

Primary Trait:
Loyal (& Protective)

Your primary trait is rooted in your protective nature. This trait is characteristic of someone who is loyal and dependable. You seek options with a high probability of a secure outcome as a way to minimize risk. You tend to favor tested, proven methods of performance that have proven successful in past. At the extreme, you can react in an overly cautious, even fearful manner.

Secondary Trait:
Insatiable (& Dissatisfied)

Your secondary trait is rooted in your insatiable nature. This is often expressed through experimental tendencies and a desire to push new ideas and projects forward quickly. You're likely highly ambitious in the objectives you set for yourself, acting with determination and purpose. At the extreme, you may become impatient and restless when progress or change is delayed.

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