Trusted Caretaker

3.9% of people innovate like this
As a Trusted Caretaker, you exhibit a repetitive nature that makes you valued as someone who is reliable and consistent in delivering results. Your protective nature can be interpreted as loyalty, which likely earns you the trust of others. Others may perceive you as lacking an adventurous spirit to drive innovation forward. When seeking to innovate, consider embracing more out­-of-­the-box ideas and strive to be inquisitive even if your instinct is to remain skeptical.

Primary Trait:
Disciplined (& Repetitive)

Your primary trait is rooted in your repetitive nature. You seek to optimize and are often fond of creating systems and procedures typical of a disciplined approach to projects. This is often expressed through adherence to routines and rituals and/or a desire for consistency. You tend to value dependability and reliability in both others and yourself. At the extreme, you can be resistant to change and attached to the "tried and true" manner of doing things.

Secondary Trait:
Loyal (& Protective)

Your secondary trait is rooted in your protective nature. This trait is characteristic of someone who is loyal and dependable. You seek options with a high probability of a secure outcome as a way to minimize risk. You tend to favor tested, proven methods of performance that have proven successful in past. At the extreme, you can react in an overly cautious, even fearful manner.

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