Inventive Mediator

3.2% of people innovate like this
As an Inventive Mediator, your curious nature means you naturally approach a new project or challenge with a creative and imaginative mindset. Your protective nature means that you're likely to move forward with an idea or solution that most aligns with your organization's values. While these traits offer balance, don't hesitate to push forward an idea simply because it goes against the grain. Peers and colleagues might perceive the Inventive Mediator as thoughtful and analytical, but resistant to move forward with divergent ideas.

Primary Trait:
Curious (& Distracted)

Your primary trait is rooted in your curious nature. This trait is often reflected in someone who is constantly seeking new information and inspiration. As someone who tends to be more analytical and thoughtful, you're likely to ask "how" and "why" instead of "what." Your openness to new ideas and your insightful nature mean you're likely to spot opportunity that might otherwise be overlooked. At the extreme, you may struggle with productivity and decisiveness.

Secondary Trait:
Loyal (& Protective)

Your secondary trait is rooted in your protective nature. This trait is characteristic of someone who is loyal and dependable. You seek options with a high probability of a secure outcome as a way to minimize risk. You tend to favor tested, proven methods of performance that have proven successful in past. At the extreme, you can react in an overly cautious, even fearful manner.

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