Fearless Opportunist

4.3% of people innovate like this
As a Fearless Opportunist, you possess a willingness to destroy that is characteristic of someone continually on the hunt for new ideas. Your insatiable nature drives you to continually challenge the status quo. Be cautious of exhibiting the combination of these traits in the extreme. Others may perceive this combination as being too aggressive or possibly wanting change only for the sake of change. Consider these perceptions when looking to gain support with colleagues as you are a great idea generator and garnering support could further unlock your success.

Primary Trait:
Willing to Destroy (& Reckless)

Your primary trait is rooted in a willingness to destroy. This trait is characteristic of a true visionary. You are generally undaunted by new challenges, and are likely to approach problems with a clear mind and are willing to experiment. This is often expressed by quickly moving on from failure and a willingness to begin from scratch. You tend to be a bit of a maverick, may challenge authority and are generally adaptive to new situations. At the extreme, you can behave in an impulsive and even reckless manner.

Secondary Trait:
Insatiable (& Dissatisfied)

Your secondary trait is rooted in your insatiable nature. This is often expressed through experimental tendencies and a desire to push new ideas and projects forward quickly. You're likely highly ambitious in the objectives you set for yourself, acting with determination and purpose. At the extreme, you may become impatient and restless when progress or change is delayed.

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