Experienced Motivator

As an Experienced Motivator, your insatiable nature means you’re always on the hunt for new opportunity, but your complacent nature often holds you back from taking action. This behavior may frustrate some of your peers who are more action-oriented and purposeful. Some may interpret the Experienced Motivator as someone excited by change but unwilling to commit to a plan and take action.

Primary Trait:
Insatiable (& Dissatisfied)

Your primary trait is rooted in your insatiable nature. This is often expressed through experimental tendencies and a desire to push new ideas and projects forward quickly. You're likely highly ambitious in the objectives you set for yourself, acting with determination and purpose. At the extreme, you may become impatient and restless when progress or change is delayed.

Secondary Trait:
Consistent (& Complacent)

Your secondary trait is rooted in your complacent nature. You seek to maintain the success of yourself and your organization by relying on past experience, strategies and habits that returned favorable outcomes. You are consistent in your performance, routinely meeting deadlines and hitting targets. Your malleable work style and good­-natured personality makes you easy to work with. At the extreme, you may lack ambition or motivation to explore new ideas.

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