Dynamic Realist

2% of people innovate like this
As a Dynamic Realist, you possess a curious nature that allows you to approach your work with imagination, creativity and an open mind which balances well with your ability to work with a variety of archetypes. While this balance makes you a valued team player, push yourself to share more of your creative ideas. Peers and colleagues might perceive the Dynamic Realist as thoughtful and creative, but too attached to their routine and way of doing things.

Primary Trait:
Curious (& Distracted)

Your primary trait is rooted in your curious nature. This trait is often reflected in someone who is constantly seeking new information and inspiration. As someone who tends to be more analytical and thoughtful, you're likely to ask "how" and "why" instead of "what." Your openness to new ideas and your insightful nature mean you're likely to spot opportunity that might otherwise be overlooked. At the extreme, you may struggle with productivity and decisiveness.

Secondary Trait:
Consistent (& Complacent)

Your secondary trait is rooted in your complacent nature. You seek to maintain the success of yourself and your organization by relying on past experience, strategies and habits that returned favorable outcomes. You are consistent in your performance, routinely meeting deadlines and hitting targets. Your malleable work style and good­-natured personality makes you easy to work with. At the extreme, you may lack ambition or motivation to explore new ideas.

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