Courageous Influencer

1.5% of people innovate like this
As a Courageous Influencer, you exhibit a willingness to destroy that gives you the ability to view problems from a brand new perspective. Your complacent nature can signal either contentment with the status quo, or possibly a lack of focus on how to improve the current situation. These opposing characteristics can complement one another, however others may perceive you as overly assertive if the destruction tendency is too strong. One takeaway is to consider which characteristic you are tapping into and when is the appropriate situation to take advantage of each.

Primary Trait:
Willing to Destroy (& Reckless)

Your primary trait is rooted in a willingness to destroy. This trait is characteristic of a true visionary. You are generally undaunted by new challenges, and are likely to approach problems with a clear mind and are willing to experiment. This is often expressed by quickly moving on from failure and a willingness to begin from scratch. You tend to be a bit of a maverick, may challenge authority and are generally adaptive to new situations. At the extreme, you can behave in an impulsive and even reckless manner.

Secondary Trait:
Consistent (& Complacent)

Your secondary trait is rooted in your complacent nature. You seek to maintain the success of yourself and your organization by relying on past experience, strategies and habits that returned favorable outcomes. You are consistent in your performance, routinely meeting deadlines and hitting targets. Your malleable work style and good­-natured personality makes you easy to work with. At the extreme, you may lack ambition or motivation to explore new ideas.

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