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Farmer Icon FARMER
Instinct & Traps
• Motivated to maintain the highest of standards for all functions within the organization
• Recognized by peers as a dependable, reliable & highly skilled team member
• Apprehensive to new ideas and change with outcomes that cannot be guaranteed
• May be stuck in comfort zone, relying on traditions and methods of the past
• Demonstrates high levels of success and expertise within role & projects
• Extracts high performance from peers through strategic collaboration
• May be perceived as resistant to experimenting or adapting within role or projects
• Relies on past success & strategies to navigate and inspire future endeavors
• Highly strategic in implementing and executing new strategies yielding successful results
• Effectively optimizes routines, methods & systems to ensure stability & high success rates
• Resistant to exploring untested methods or ideas due to the uncertainties of risk or loss
• Perceived as stubborn when it comes to exploring new ideas or projects
Innovation Assessment Hexagon
Farmer Icon HUNTER
Instinct & Traps
• Strong desire to learn new things & question the status quo
• Motivated to explore unknown paths to identify insight & potential that others often overlook
• Easily distracted, resulting in time management & productivity issues
• Struggles to make decisions, which can prevent progress or implementation of ideas
• Motivated to begin new projects and to gain new skills and experiences
• Demonstrates initiative, adaptability and determination with new projects & ideas
• Moves too quickly without consulting relevant stakeholders or considering all outcomes
• Grows dissatisfied and impatient easily, resulting in a lack of predictability among peers
Willing to Destroy
• Consistently looking to the future to reinvent & capture new opportunities
• Demonstrates flexibility & resilience in the face of loss, failure or uncertainty
• Prone to bypass procedures, protocols and the needs of others in favor of action
• Perceived as reckless, impulsive and even negligent by peers

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